Alex Schweder’s “performance architecture” is based on the notion that relationships between occupied spaces and occupying subjects are permeable. This is to say that a subject first perceives his or her environment and is then changed by that perception. This person in turn alters their environment to make it correspond to their fantasy. This process continues until the scrimmage of objects and subjects produces an architecture where referring to the two as distinct becomes irrelevant.

Spring 14, New York City


The Endless House
Museum of Modern Art, New York
July 7 2015 - March 9 2016

Architecture Omi, New York
June 12 2015

The Hotel Rehearsal, Genius
Frey Art Museum, Seattle
September 25 2015 - January 10 2016

The Smell of War
The Olfactory, Belgium
May 1 2015

Drowning in Air
Wasserman Projects, Detroit
January 2016

Neck Deep in an Inch of Water
The Storefront For Art & Architecture, New York
Summer 2016