The Hotel Rehearsal

Van, Scissor Lift, Inflatable Room, Guests 20’-0” x 8’-0” x 30’-0”, 2013

Made for the Biennial of the Americas, top six photos Cristobal Palma, this portable project speculates that architecture is enacted as well as built. Practising what architects call ‘program’, this accommodation drives between parking lots rehearsing hotelness and its accompanying view by combining a van, a scissor lift, and an inflatable room. Using the main transportation modes of the city and the suburb, an elevator and an automobile, the hotel rehearsal © is a building that moves in both directions. Through these omnicartesian abilites, guests can change what they see from their window by either raising and lowering their air engorged vinyl shelter or driving to another lot.

From October 2-16 this portable accomodation was installed next to The Glass House in New Canaan Connecticut as a project called Rehearsal Space, bottom three photos Amanda Kirkpatrick