The work on this website is divided into six sections. The first five sections, titled to the right, show projects that investigate performativity and architecture from multiple perspectives and date between 2006 and the present. The early works section contains projects from two previous bodies of work that lead my understanding of architecture as performative which date between 2001 and 2005.

Buildings That Perform Themselves

Due to forces such as politics, entropy, and shifts in human desire, we live in buildings that are in flux . Often, though, these changes occur too slowly for us to notice and buildings are thus thought of as stable. Each work in this section speeds the already time based reality of buildings up to something we can perceive, a performance.

Bodily Performances In Architectural Time

Through the incremental accumulation of action that these works instruct, occupants notice a building’s alteration to be in direct relation to their occupation. Likely never be enacted to completion, many of these works will take more than a lifetime to perform. However, it is not the fulfillment of the task that is the point, but rather slowing oneself down to perceive an environment differently.

Re-Scored Spaces

This category of performative architecture explores the moment that a viewer becomes an occupant. Using very familiar architectural cues to entice people into participation. Once engaged, occupants need ot interpret their surrounding to negotiate the thing that at first seemed familiar but now is clearly strange.

Architect Performed Buildings

All buildings in this section have exaggerated conditions that necessitate a change in the behavior of their occupants. This proposition requires live bodies and a building. As their architect, I live in these buildings with one or more other people and observe the changes in my behavior and relationships to those I am living with.

Performance Architecture

The space of this architecture is created more from behavior than bricks. My goal in these projects is to instigate buildings that result from the actions of those who occupy them. As such, my “clients” are the authors of the work’s final outcome.

Early Works

This section is devoted to early works that explored architecture based upon the complicated body I experience every day rather than an ideal body that I fantasize about having. Between 2001 and 2005 two bodies of work emerged along these lines. The first, Lovesick Buildings, speculates an architecture of ingestion, spaces that surround you but tempt you to take them inside you. The second group of work, Abjectecture, contains spaces that embrace bodily leakings and entropy.



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